Whether you belong to collectors (numismatists or notaphilists) or investors, the acquisition of coins and notes has advantages. For collectors it is a numismatic matter and passion, for investors a way of storing precious metal. You will discover with us rare historical coins,which have a story of history in them. But also gold coins, which are excellent as a gift for your loved ones. From our current offer of coins, banknotes and medals, you easy to choose and buy. You can research everything thoroughly. Unlike an auction, buying outright gives you plenty of time to consider.

10 reasons to buy coins, notes and medals

  1. Historical value. The historical value of coins provides a unique insight into the past. They are closely related to important information about the political, economic and cultural events of their time.
  2. Portfolio diversification. Investing in numismatics can serve as a way to diversify an investment portfolio. Currencies often do not respond to market fluctuations in the same way as other investment instruments, which can reduce the risk associated with traditional investments.
  3. Growth in market value. Numismata, especially those with limited runs or rare faults, can gain market value over time.
  4. Collector's value. Collectors will pay you higher amounts for rare numismatic items.
  5. Aesthetic value. Some coins and banknotes are known for their artistic design and aesthetic value. An appreciation of their visual appeal is in order.
  6. Inflation protection. Are you looking for insurance against inflation? The value of coins and banknotes usually increases in times of economic instability.
  7. Entertainment and Education. Collecting is a fun and educational hobby that gives you the opportunity to study history, culture and economics.
  8. Inheritance and donation. Their transmission from generation to generation as part of a family heirloom is an interesting way of gifting.
  9. International trade. Coins are often internationally tradable, allowing you to invest in a value that is recognized around the world.
  10. Tangible assets. Physical coins and notes are tangible assets that you can touch.

'Collectors are happy people.' — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Why buy numismatics from us?

  • Because we love what we do.
  • We have been dedicated to our love of antiques for over 30 years.
  • Thanks to our rich experience, we know how to appreciate a specific thing with an emphasis on its historical and artistic value.
  • For the seller in the auction, we try to get the highest price, and for the buyer a profitable and unique investment. A win-win solution for both parties.
  • We have brick-and-mortar branches in Brno and Prague. Come and see for yourself. We will be happy to advise you. Your investment can be wise and valuable.

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You can visit our stores in Brno and Prague or contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to help you with anything.



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